About Us

SERVOMAX INDIA PVT LIMITED, HYDERABAD, INDIA an ISO 14001:2004 & DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 accredited company, leading manufacturer of Transformers, Voltage stabilizers, energy saving equipment and Isolation transformers in India for the past 32 years. Our products are well appreciated world over and received much recognition for their quality.

Established in 1982 with a corporate objective to provide efficient energy for greener future, SERVOMAX has grown to be one of the country’s biggest manufacturers of power saving and power conditioning equipments with the largest satisfied customer base. Dedication to providing environment friendly quality solutions and commitment to delight customers with unique value propositions has helped Servomax to gain customer trust and thereby commercial success.

Servomax has stringent procedures to highest quality products that offer value for money. With proven track record as the most trusted partner and vendor, Servomax is committed to rolling over innovative range of products. A veteran of 28 years of service to the customers pan India,Servomax has an unaudited top line of over INR 650 Crore for the FY 2013-14 with over 800 employees.. It has manufacturing facilities as well as distribution and service Centers across India.

Servomax has forayed in the year 2005 into projects in core segments of T&D;, Railway Electrification projects-Traction& Infra structure.