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Their ex-wife located a lien from the household I happened to be given

Their ex-wife located a lien from the household I happened to be given

Can the guy just sign over their 1 / 2 of the home to your kids?

HJ’s matter: We are breaking up however they are not yet divorcing. My husband is nasty and claiming he will probably just signal over his 50 % of your house towards the kids. Can he just do this without my consent?

Brette’s Answer: No. It really is marital house and also be divided in the separation and divorce. You need to maintain a lawyer that will help you secure your own legal rights.

Will it be a smart idea to gift our home to the boy into the divorce proceedings?

Norma: We’re acquiring divorced after 25 years of marriage. Presently we’ve got 2 characteristics and wish to create someone to our very own child via a quit declare deed. So is this advisable? Is it far better do so before the divorce case or should we allow judge do so and making all of our son the beneficiary? My personal daughter is the full energy college student and we also want top & most inexpensive technique him to profit and never sustain in regards to our issues.

Brette’s Solution: you will need to check with an attorney. You are in danger to getting into gift taxation dilemmas if you should not do that as a sale.

How to legally promote our home to my young children?

Suzanne’s Question: The house needs to be marketed via judges requests. How can I offer the house to my xxx young children legitimately?   Read more