Customer Support

Disclaimer :

Please note that Servomax India does not have any other brand names other than “Servomax”. We do not operate / authorize any other brand names.

Only products manufactured by Servomax India Pvt Ltd & its authorized partners will be eligible for warranty and service support. We do not have any other brands. All other products with alleged Servomax brands are counterfeit. If you have been contacted / solicited by other parties or touts with other similar brand names please contact immediately.

Our impressive market footprint demonstrates our ability to provide the products, services and resources to our clients worldwide. Our products are sold and supported by a world-wide network of servomax offices and independent distributors. This logistical configuration provides our clients with immediate attention for sales, service and support of our standardised and customised power solutions.

We have the expertise to meet the complex needs of our clients, who often work across multiple dimensions and industries. We provide our clients with the reliability and availability required to ensure minimum downtime, irrespective of their far-reaching operations and remote locations.

The key to the quality of our after-sales service is our strong channel force, which is always ready to attend calls anywhere, anytime.

  • Service network available all over India.
  • Service on call within 24 hours.
  • Services aimed at reduced down time.
  • Flexibility in services during emergency situations.
  • More than 100 fully equipped sales and service dealers all over India.
  • Operations and maintenance contracts
  • Annual maintenance contracts (AMC)