Industrial Transformers

Industrial Transformers

Temperature Rise

It is designed for 30-35 degree C above ambient. Suitable for any kind of ambient temperature conditions.


Core is constructed from Low Loss of CRGO M-4 Grade confirming to latest standards & is fitted & clamped with special built in-house frames to reduce the magnetic noise & to make the structure rigid & robust.


Use paper covered electrolytic grade copper strip for winding. Cooling ducts are provided to keep the hot spot temperature as low as possible.

Tanks & Paint

Tanks are made of M.S. Sheets with adequate bracing & stiffeners are given a coat of Epoxy Primer & Epoxy paint for better life. Both light grey & Siemens grey (RAL 7032) are available in colour.


Oil of IS: 335 standard is being used & is filtered before topping.

SERVOMAX Servo Stabilizer are available in wide range & various models according to customer’s requirement for Balanced / Unbalanced supplies with following specifications:

Input Voltage 360-460 V 360-460 V 320-480 V 300-480 V 280-500 V
Efficiency (Approx.) 99.5% 99.3% 99% 98.8% 98.7%
Output Voltage 400 V ± 1% 3Phase, 50 Hz* . .
Cooling Naturally Oil Cooled . .
Type Indoor / Outdoor Response Time: Instantaneous .
Temperature Rise ( Max.) 30C above ambient Accuracy: ± 1% . .
Mounting On Uni-directional Wheels . . . .
Wave form distortion Nil . . . .
Duty Cycle 100% Continuous . . . .

Comparison Between Servomax make & Conventional make Automatic Voltage Controller

Servomax make roller type regulator Conventional make with carbon brush   regulator
  • Power consumption is 0.5 to 1.5% depending upon the model and input voltage variation
  • Suitable for continuous 100% duty cycle
  • The carbon (graphite) Roller rolls, while moving on the coil track, so contact Point of the roller goes on changing which prolongs the life of the rollers
  • Life at full load is 15-20 years
  • Negligible losses in full Buck / Boost Condition
  • Five years Unconditional Guarantee
  • Power consumption is 2 to 7% depending upon the
    model and input voltage variation
  • Suitable for only 50% to 60% duty cycle
  • Since the contact is by brush having flat surface, wear & tear of the brush is more and requires frequent replacement
  • Maximum life is 3-5 years at full load
  • Max. Losses in full Buck/Boost condition
  • Normal Guarantee/Warantee for one year
  • 1. Power Saving ( Reduction in Power Bills )
  • 2. Reduction in breakdown of electrical / electronic equipments
  • 3. Reduction in MDI
  • 4. Improvement in Power Factor (At Higher Voltage)
  • 5. Uniform Quality / Lesser Tripping
  • 6. Improvement in quality of end products
  • 7. Better Efficiency in Plant
  • 8. Unmeasurable Benefits
  • 9. Depreciation as per income tax act (In India Only)

It has been assesed with long experience & customer’s feedback that the payback period of Automatic Voltage Controller is well within 6-12 months depending upon the site conditions.